Thinking of joining us

Firstly don’t worry, we are a friendly club and you will be made most welcome.

Various options are available to you:

·      Come along to watch a class, just drop in, say hi and take a seat.

·      Make contact on the contact us page or our Facebook site. Feel free to ask questions.

·      Come along and join in a class, just wear appropriate loose fitting clothing and a sturdy top.

·      We always have a couple of beginners so don’t worry about being the only new person.


What to expect

At the start of each class we line up and bow in, this is a matter of respect and a reminder of where the art came from. Once completed we do approximately 30 minutes of stretching and body conditioning don’t worry if you are not very fit we have trained everyone from profession athletes & military personnel to people who get out of breath walking up stairs the beauty of the martial arts is that you can take it at your own pace and with get fitter and more athletic as a matter of course.

Once the warm up is over we normally split into pairs and study techniques (waza)/ themes or strategies from the schools (Ryu ha) there are too many to mention individually but they will include.

·      Taihen jutsu & ukemi waza movement and positioning including rolls and breakfalls.

·      Koshi jutsu the use of pressure points and muscle attacks and/or joint manipulation.

·      Koppo jutsu techniques of bone manipulation and/or structure breaking.

·      Ju taijutsu throwing locking grappling and ground fighting.

·      Daken taijutsu striking techniques using various parts of the body.

·      Happo biken jutsu Working with or around weapons.



Advance payment Seminar £20